ORED launches new seed funding and internship programs

The Office of Research and Economic Development is pleased to announce the launch of two new pilot programs designed to grow research success at MSU: The Advancing Collaborative Research Program and the Faculty Leadership Internship Program (FLIP).

ORED Advancing Collaborative Research Program (ACR)

Consistent with ORED goals to spur interdisciplinary research and establish new partnerships within and beyond the institution, the Advancing Collaborative Research Program (ACR) is meant to encourage both internal and external collaborations; enable new teams and/or new lines of research; and advance high-potential, high-impact activities to the next level. A successful ACR concept would be of sufficient caliber to achieve several of the following outcomes:

  • Promote productive and sustainable research collaborations and productivity among faculty that would otherwise be unlikely to occur.
  • Promote work that is high risk, high return, with a potential for high reputational impact.
  • Position MSU faculty to compete successfully for significant external funding and long-term sustainability of the research endeavor.
  • Promote the development of research activities with significant, long-term commercial potential and/or broad community or global impact.

The ACR Program enables such opportunities by supporting research and scholarship that is leading-edge, interdisciplinary, and lays the groundwork for centers of excellence at Mississippi State University.

The ACR Program awards funding for multiple tracks to support the establishment and growth of internal and external collaborations. Each track is designed to provide support for advancing a wide range of collaborations in pursuit of the program goals. Themes of these working groups should be forward-looking, envisioning where the next frontiers of science will be and how to best position MSU to meet these opportunities. Awards under this program provide up to $65,000 over 24 months and are made through a competitive process, based on a proposal submitted by a multidisciplinary or multi-institutional team of participating faculty.

For more information about the various ACR tracks, review criteria and grant conditions, visit the ORED website at https://www.research.msstate.edu/initiatives/internal-funding.

Proposals are due March 30, 2022 at 5pm using the InfoReady portal.

Please direct questions to Dr. Katie Echols, katie@research.msstate.edu.


ORED Faculty Leadership Internship Program (FLIP)

Talent development at all levels is important to the ongoing success of any organization. As part of developing talent and leadership within the MSU research enterprise, ORED is piloting the Faculty Leadership Internship Program (FLIP). This 6-month program is designed to provide faculty with an in-depth, first-hand experience that broadens and deepens understanding of how research administration operates. The program will foster a deeper understanding for the responsibilities and contributions in the Office of Sponsored Projects, Office of Research Compliance and Security, Office of Research Development, Office of Technology Management, and Office of Lab Animal Resources. Participants will gain an appreciation for university-level research integrity responsibilities, national research ranking systems, university contributions to economic development, and oversight of the Thad Cochran Research, Technology and Economic Development Park. Participants will spend time working and learning with directors in each of these areas as well as across our research centers, and have opportunities to offer input and suggestions for improving effectiveness, efficiencies, and in identifying new opportunities. Participants will select a project from a predetermined list or define another project of personal interest and strategic university value. 

Program Criteria

  • Applicant should have past participation in the ORED FLDP or other university leadership development program either at MSU or elsewhere.
  • Applicant should hold the rank of associate or full professor.
  • ORED will fund a 50%, 5-month buyout of the applicant’s current salary and add a $5,000 salary stipend for participation. Applicant should be relieved for 50% time of normal duties. The 5-month period is flexible on start-stop within a 6-month period of time.
  • ORED will run two application cycles for the FY23 school year.

More information can be found on the ORED website https://www.research.msstate.edu/initiatives/internal-funding

For July – December 2022 Appointments: Applications due by end of day March 1, 2022.

Please direct questions to Dr. Julie Jordan, Julie.jordan@research.msstate.edu.

Friday, February 4, 2022 - 2:04 pm